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Welcome To Temple Beth Israel Religious School

We strive to instill a love and understanding of Judaism in our students. We emphasize a caring environment and programming dedicated to the Jewish educational enrichment of our students and their families.
Temple Beth Israel Religious School is dedicated to the philosophy of having each student "see the world through Jewish eyes." Our program encourages students to foster positive feelings about their Jewish identity by developing a sense of community and enhancing feelings of self-worth. 
Temple Beth Israel Religious School offers a combination of group and individualized experiences that help students grow socially, intellectually, and religiously as Jews. 
Our curriculum stresses fundamental Jewish concepts. We have textbooks, student inquiry books and guides. In addition, we endeavor to incorporate as many activity-oriented projects and special programs as possible to encourage interest and creativity in our students throughout the year. All students participate in communal and private prayer during Religious School. 
Kindergarten Students: 
     Learn about the Jewish holidays and their relationship to the seasons of the year, and are
     introduced to our history and our connection to previous generations by learning about the
     Jewish people in the Torah.
First Grade Students: 
     Explore the wonders of God's world in everyday life. 
     Are introduced to Hebrew prayers to communicate with God. 
Second Grade Students: 
     Explore the themes of each holiday. 
     Are introduced to one Hebrew letter at a time and explore each letter through Biblical stories
     that evoke the sound and feel of that letter.
Third Grade Students: 
     Understand the morals, ethics and values taught from our ancestors. 
     Are introduced to formal Hebrew instruction. 

Fourth Grade Students: 
     Are introduced to the Prophets of the Bible, and the values taught by the Prophets. 
     Relate the teachings of the Prophets to modern day life. 
     Study and learn the Ten Commandments. 
     Explore connections to the words of Torah and God through understanding the meanings of 
     covenant and prayer 
Fifth Grade Students: 
     Explore stories of Jewish history from the age of the patriarchs and matriarchs to the
     destruction of the Second Temple, and from the Bar Kochba Rebellion to the completion of the
     Begin to explore contemporary Jewish issues. 

Sixth Grade Students: 
     Explore history through the journey of the Jewish people from the beginning of the Diaspora to
     the present day, and the archeology surrounding the Middle Ages. 
     Explore contemporary Jewish issues. 
     Understand the history of the different branches of Judaism.
Seventh Grade Students:
     Liturgy Course: 
            Explore modern creative prayers and poetry 
            Learn about Jewish liturgy. 
     American Jewish History Course:
            Explore Jewish migration to America 
            Stories about the Jewish American experience, making history come alive. 
Eighth Grade Students:
     Holocaust Course:
            Explore the Holocaust and the events that surrounded the Holocaust era. 
     Life Cycles Course:
            Journey through the rituals of Jewish Life through their exploration of the Jewish Life
     Human Sexuality and Judaism Course:
            Take a course designed by Planned Parenthood on Human Sexuality. 
            Are presented with an understanding of Jewish tradition as it relates to sexuality.
Ninth Grade Students:
     Ethics Course:
            Are exposed to social issues and learn how to apply Jewish principles to contemporary
            issues for social justice. 
     Modern Israel Course:
            Learn about Israel, and the history of and the need for Zionism. 
     Confirmation Students:
            Study basic concepts of Jewish theology and prepare a Confirmation service. 
Hebrew Language Instruction
Our goal is to teach Hebrew as the spiritual medium of the Jewish past, and to enrich the understanding of Judaism.  We stress the reading of prayers for Shabbat, holidays, and festivals, as well as blessings for the Torah and Haftarah.  Formal Hebrew instruction begins in Grade 3 (Alef class).
Curriculum for Grades Alef, Bet, Gimel, and Dalet
Students are encouraged to follow and read Hebrew during services.  They learn phonetic recognition of all letters and vowels.  New prayers are continuously introduced, depending on grade level.  Students examine the themes of the prayers and their links to Jewish values.  Prayers previously learned are reinforced for increased fluency  Students participate in Family Services.
Curriculum for Grade Hey
Prepare for Bar/Bat Mitzvah service through prayer book reading, and introduction to Hebrew script.
Yom Shlishi, 14 Heshvan 5779