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Chanukah (no matter how you spell it!) is always a time of great fun and celebration at TBI.  All are invited to bring their favorite family-Chanukiah to the temple on the Shabbat evening that falls during the 8-day Festival of Lights.  As a community, we share in singing traditional and modern Chanukah songs, share in chanting the blessings, and light the Chanukah candles together.


Tu b’Shevat

The annual “birthday for the trees” is a wonderful reminder – usually in the bitter-cold of winter – that spring is on its way.  We are reminded that although we may still face freezing temperatures, and the buds are still a few months away, trees in Israel are just waking up from their dormancy and life is returning to the once-hibernating earth in Eretz Yisrael.



At our annual Purim Extravaganza, our religious school students and faculty take through a musical tour of the story of Purim through parodied music and comical narrative.  All students and teachers participate in this huge crowd-pleasure, which also includes the chanting of selected sections of the Megillah and the chance to enjoy delicious homemade hamentashen.



Our congregation joins together with family and friends in the social hall of the congregation to share in our annual 2nd Night Passover Seder.  This entertaining and lively retelling of the Passover story from the tradition of Book of Exodus and the Haggadah, is an opportunity to share in the history of the Israelites and the Jewish people.  A delicious, catered dinner is enjoyed by all.



As we celebrate the giving of God’s Laws at Mt. Sinai, we also celebrate the accomplishments of our most senior religious school students with the ceremony of Confirmation.  Our 10th Grade students ascend the bima as a class, lead us in worship, and share with us their thoughts about their connection to Judaism, the temple, and the Jewish People.  We honor them with our presence, as they honor us with theirs.

Yom Shlishi, 14 Heshvan 5779