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High Holy Day services (Selichot, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur) at Temple Beth Israel are open to everyone.  Guests are asked to contact the temple office for information about attending these services and supporting our congregation.



Selichot is the traditional entry-point to the High Holy Day season.  During this brief evening service we sit together in our dimly lit sanctuary, hear the stirring melodies of the season for the first time, and begin to consider the year that has nearly passed.  Our prayers of penitence are offered before God, and we share in the responsibilities of improving our own lives, the lives of our community, and the life of the world in which we live.


Rosh Hashanah
Rosh Hashanah occurs on the first day of the Hebrew month, Tishri. In Hebrew, Rosh Hashanah means, "head of the year" or "first of the year," and is       
commonly known as the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah services at Temple Beth Israel are held in the evening, beginning at 8:00pm, and the following morning beginning at 10:00am.


Morning services are followed by our Rosh Hashanah Family Service, an opportunity to welcome families with younger children into the sanctuary for a special New Year service appropriate for ages 3-11.  Worship includes the theme of celebrating the New Year, as well as either an activity or discussion lead by the Rabbi.


On Rosh Hashanah afternoon, our congregation gathers at a local stream for Tashlich, where we cast our sins upon the water to be carried away, in keeping with the ancient Biblical custom.


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Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) is considered by many to be the most important holy day of the Jewish year. Many Jews who do not observe any other Jewish custom will still refrain from work, fast, and attend services on this special day. Yom Kippur occurs on the 10th day of Tishri. Services at Temple Beth Israel are held in the evening beginning at 8:00pm with our Kol Nidrei worship, and continue the following morning beginning at 10:00am.  Yom Kippur services continue throughout the day, including a Family Service, Afternoon service, Yizkor (memorial) service, and N'ilah (concluding) service.  Our worship day concludes around 6:00pm. 


All are invited to join together following our Concluding service for our much-anticipated community Break-Fast.



Yom Shlishi, 14 Heshvan 5779