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During the Sukkot season, our religious school students and adult volunteers construct a community-sized sukkah in the grassy courtyard of our property.  Students and teachers assemble to decorate the sukkah and celebrate with lulav and etrog.


On the eve of Sukkot, all are welcome to join us in worship as we celebrate this harvest festival in our sanctuary.  All in attendance are given the opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah of lulav and etrog during the service, which also serves as an opportunity to welcome our newest school students in grades 2+.


 Simchat Torah

Always a highlight of our calendar at TBI, the evening of Simchat Torah is filled with exuberant celebration as we rejoice with dancing and singing in honor of the cycle of reading the Torah.


Following the Consecration of our youngest school students (and the presentation of their very own mini-Torah scrolls) we dance and sing into our social hall where the Torah is completely unrolled through the careful and anxious fingers of all in attendance. 


After sharing in a brief lesson about the Torah, everyone shares in the Aliyah blessings and listens to the last & first verses of the Torah chanted for all to enjoy.


The evening concludes with Kiddush and Motzi in the Sukkah.

Yom Shlishi, 14 Heshvan 5779