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Our Sanctuary

Our current sanctuary, dedicated to Samuel and Clara Lebovitz in 1966, is the third prayer space to welcome TBI members and visitors to our congregation.

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Those who enter our sanctuary are drawn to gaze at the magnificent stained-glass windows above them.  These windows are original to the building, though they were painstakingly removed and restored in 2013.


Our bima (prayer platform) was designed, in part, by Rabbi Eli Cooper, who was the rabbi at the time of this extension to the temple’s main building.  It was constructed in the Classical Reform Worship style, including the electric-opening Ark doors that stand on the Eastern wall of the sanctuary. 



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Hanging above the podium is our beautiful, artistic Ner Tamid(Etnal Light) which, as has been the tradition of the Jewish people for generations, serves as a symbol of God's eternal and imminent Presence in our lives.
 The Eternal Light is never extinguished or turned off.

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Yom Shlishi, 14 Heshvan 5779